Customer Feedback

To everyone at SFF—

THANK YOU for everything you do for us. You all are amazing and push so hard to help us out, especially during crunch time and month-end. Glad we got through another ridiculously CRAZY month. As difficult as my job can be, I’m happy to have you to work with b/c you help make it just a little easier.

Edgar, thank you for always being so positive and not cracking under pressure (and taking my millions of calls every day). You are so so great to work with! I don’t know what I’d do w/ out you!
Ronald, thank you for your help as well, I know we put you guys through so much!
Maribel, thank you for taking over the returns, and for being so sweet! I know I owe you a lot of returns paperwork and plan to get that all sorted out next week, since we are finished with shipping for now.

Ivan and Barry, you have a great team on your hands! Thank you for accommodating to us. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. J

Have a great weekend you guys!!!

Andrea Montoya
Customer Service & Sales Support- RTW Division