Pallet In/Pallet Out (“Cross Dock”)

Cross-Docking is a successful model to receive, sort, and ship merchandise on a same day basis, while reducing costs, and improving profitability.

Benefits attributed to this type of distribution model include:

  • Elimination of OH inventory
  • Elimination of storage costs
  • Minimal operation costs
  • Reduced transit time
  • Increased throughput

Santa Fe Warehouse’s customers receive the following merchandise logistics & transportation services from our 3PL Los Angeles:

  • Timely same day pick up of containers from the Port of Los Angeles or rail yard (we have our own fleet of trucks!)
  • 24 hour processing of inbound merchandise at our Los Angeles warehouse distribution center
  • Same day loading of merchandise from our warehouse onto outbound trailers
  • Return of empty containers to the Port of Los Angeles or rail yard

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