Meet Our Team

The Santa Fe Warehouse team has over 100 years of combined experience providing logistics and transportation services. We are hands-on, regularly working on the warehouse floor of our Los Angeles warehouse distribution center.

Barry Oppenheim grew up in the apparel business in New York City with Sweet-Orr in 1980 and migrated to Warehousing and Logistics in Los Angeles in 1990. Barry can generally be found in one of our facilities, on his way to / from New York, or planning the next Santa Fe Warehouse event!

Mia Crespo started her career working on the warehouse floor for a 3PL, and grew from there. That growth has led her to be President for the entire Santa Fe Warehouse operation. Her experience has given her a full understanding of all aspects of the 3PL operation – which always benefits our customers. No one does it better.

Norma Avina is a veteran of the 3PL world, having worked at several 3PL providers. Her experience on the warehouse floor & office has led her to have a sterling reputation. Norma runs our Commerce facility.

Jeff Alvarado might be the youngest of our team, but he’s got terrific 3PL experience. He runs his facility exceptionally well – and makes certain that customers are well taken care of. Jeff runs our Moreno Valley facility

Patty Osuna is a veteran on the 3PL world, having worked as a CSR, to now being office manager. Her knowledge of most all retailers, and many clients, has helped Santa Fe develop the highest levels of customer service. Patty now runs the office in Moreno Valley.

Griselda Ortiz started working on the 3PL world 20 years ago – as an assistant CSR. She has risen to where she now runs the office in Commerce. Griselda always has a ‘can-do’ attitude!

Laura Barry is our Finance Manager. Laura has worked in the 3PL accounting world for many years – and brings that experience to us in many ways: She’s knowledgeable in all areas of the 3PL world!

Charles “Chuck” Feldman has a long history in logistics and is keenly aware the role that technology plays in the future of logistics. It can be easy to think of technology as a blanket solution to many of your challenges facing your business. The thing about technology, however, is that it comprises a wide variety of options and solutions and the key is finding the “right” solution for your needs

Career Highlights

  • CIO – 3PL Warehouse & Distribution, Clifton NJ
  • V.P. Logistics Application & Systems for a top 100 3PL
  • Executive-in-Residence Supply Chain & Logistics, & Faculty Instructor | Ricarrdi School of Business Bridgewater MA
  • Founded the NJCU Logistics Center
  • Host of Logistics Now
  • President & CEO a Wireless Service provider, Braintree, NJ

When you compare Santa Fe Warehouse, a 3PL Los Angeles, with other 3PL’s, the choice is clear.